Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ah, projects!

No, before you ask, we are NOT unpacked yet! Found the camera... but the adapter to download the pictures is still AWOL amongst the boxes so no pics to add to this blog yet. Which is really a shame... cleaned up and decluttered, the house looks fantastic! And the barn looks even more cavernous (if that's possible).

So the work has started. Last Friday we replaced the water softener and added a sediment filter to the water line. It took literally ALL day to do for one reason or another, and is going to cost a little more as we now have to replace the faucet in the downstairs bath, but the water is now clean, clear and beautiful - not to mention tasty! YAY!! No more water jugs! I think the only one who will bemoan that at all is Reilly who enjoyed playing with the empty jugs (at least long enough to chew them up a little and drag them around the house). Have to recalculate my shampoo usage too as I've noticed getting a LOT more suds with the same amount than we used to.

We've also gotten someone lined up to bush hog (mow) the pasture. It's been in desperate need of being cut for almost 2 months now. Thom tried, but I guess in the end realized it was just easier and actually LESS costly to just hire someone to do it. Would love to find someone willing to do it on trade (either for the hay it produces or for something else) but in the meantime, I think once we get it under control the first time, we'll be able to keep it down. Especially once we add animals.

We have a line on some chickens and possibly a cow but that will probably wait until after we get back from Hunters Run Horse Trials next month. No sense in getting the critters and having to have someone stay at the house so soon afterwards to care for them. We'll just wait another week and it will all be good.

Thom's at an auction this afternoon trying to score us a table saw. *drool* mmm... power tools! :-)

The project list is still quite long as I'm sure it will be for a while to come yet (if it EVER dwindles). Have had a couple people over lately and love it. I hope people are comfortable stopping by on a whim or just hanging out even if we're working on something.

Monday, July 19, 2010


No, I didn't forget about this blog. After my last post stating that our 2nd appraisal had come through and we should close soon, we hit another snag. Thought I'd best leave this alone til we got it all settled. Yet another wild turn on the rollercoaster that has been purchasing this farm -- we could't get a PMI company to sign off on the loan. The loan itself was no problem but the PMI portion was an issue. Back to Farm Credit to go through them to get the full loan as they require less down without PMI than traditional lenders. BIG issue there as it turned out while the financials were ok and within the Farm Credit lending standards, their underwriter "felt" we'd be too stretched and denied the loan. Finally worked it out with Envoy Mortgage and the seller.

But it's done -- the farm is ours!! We spent our first night there last night, among all the boxes! Phoebe the cat was NOT amused to be put into the cage in the car to transport -- I swear she was meowing 4-letter words to us as we drove the last load yesterday from Cottage to the farm. Reilly and Gypsy arrived on the previous load and while happy to be with us, Reilly was a bit unnerved all evening at the change in his surroundings -- on top of the hard wood floors that he now has to traverse. He did seem better this morning though.

So it REALLY begins... the adventure of being farmers, homesteaders, whatever you call it. We officially own 3.788 acres with a nice house and huge barn! We have a contact for getting some laying hens in the very near future and the potential of a jersey cow of our very own! The To-Do List is long and will I'm quite sure never end but that's ok as it is fully expected and for some reason doesn't seem as daunting. I think it's because we all WANT to live here and feel like this really is our home and not a temporary location until something better happens. The kids are THRILLED to have their own rooms. we're all thrilled with the additional space.

Heads up -- house warming party Friday, September 3rd (the friday of Labor Day weekend). Bonfire, official opening of Serenity Valley Farm as well as Kookyduke's (our bar in the barn)... come see the place, hang out, whatever!

~~ Tammy