Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Wow! It's February already and I'm just now putting up a new farm blog post?  Oops!!  So here's a quick rundown on where we are and where we hope to go this year -- both as individuals and well as a farm:

1) Shows - we will once again be hosting 2 shows this year so mark your calendars for Saturday, June 27 and Saturday, September 26. Both shows will offer DLSC dressage classes as well as classes available for any other regular dressage, eventing dressage or western dressage test.  In addition, we'll be doing Combined Training from ground poles through Training level (3'3"), Prix Caprilli tests, and jumper classes from 2' to 3'3". We'll also be doing a Gambler's Choice (2' to 3"3") payback class and a Six Bar class.  Also, for those who braved last October's weather with us, you'll be happy to know that our regular R&B Concessions will be at both shows!!  Please see website for details.

2) Farm Progress -- Let's see... we have 6 stalls in the existing barn that were created and look wonderful (Thank You First Class Home Solutions as well as a number of other folks who helped out!).  1 large pasture is being used and materials have been purchased to put in a 2nd pasture as soon as the weather and other obligations cooperate.  We've started getting bids for the new barn which will open up boarding opportunities as well as the indoor arena which will open up on-farm show and training/clinic opportunities. 

As our dream of this facility becomes more and more real, we're honing in on our goals of what we truly want it to be -- an Equestrian Education and Training Center. We feel there is definitely a place for this kind of facility in our area and it is truly what we hope to offer as the facility takes shape.  Goals include:
  1. Hosting fun, educational and low-stress schooling shows similar to the ones we offer now.  Personally I would love to see us be able to eventually have something like a jumper series during the summer offered under lights.
  2. Host riding and non-riding educational clinics with accomplished and knowledgeable professionals.
  3. Offer the facility for local riders, trainers or organizations (ie: Pony Club, 4H, etc.) for schooling purposes. Our plans include the indoor arena, an outdoor arena and eventually cross country jumps in the fields which could be used for simple training or even rented for specific clinics, camps or shows. 
  4. Offer a few quality boarding opportunities. We don't plan to have very many boarders but there will be stalls available as the facility takes shape.
There are a couple other ideas that we have floated amongst ourselves that we are interested in that would fit in with our core goals for the farm. As we investigate further into their feasibility and they begin to take shape, we'll be sharing more and more.

3) Personal -- on some personal notes, 2014 ended nicely with everyone - horse and human - healthy and happy.  Several DLSC Year End Awards were brought home to Serenity Valley Farm and while we are more about doing well for ourselves, it's always a bonus to earn a Year End Award.
  • Ashley & Skye = 4th place Green Horse (hunter), 4th place Green Horse EQ (hunter)
  • Ella & Bo = Reserve Champion Beginner Horse (hunter), Reserve Champion Intro Level Junior (dressage)
  • Lilly & Rambo = Champion Intermediate Horse (hunter), Reserve Champion Training Level Junior (dressage)
  • Tammy & Shirley = 4th place Training Level Senior (dressage), Reserve Champion USEF Rider Tests (dressage)
  • Ella & Thumper = 3rd place 1st Thru 4th Level (dressage)
Looking towards this year, we're not sure what we'll be doing necessarily (other than working on the farm of course), but we all really feel this is going to be a great year!  Stay tuned for the details!