Thursday, May 19, 2011

How time flies!

So much has been going on.  I hope to start posting more regularly again.  Here's a quickie rundown for now...
  • Back in January, I was cast in Playhouse South's presentation of "A Piece of My Heart".  The play is based on true stories from a book by the same name and recounts the experiences of 6 women before, during and after serving in Vietnam in the 1960s.  it's an amazing show and if you're reading this before May 21st, you should really go see it!  May 20 and 21st at 8pm.  See the Playhouse South website for more details.  If you're a vet and want to see it and can't make those shows, email me!  Needless to say, preparing for this has taken a LOT of time.
  • The weather has been... WET!!  Wettest April on record for almost a full century.  Someone told me that it rained 20 of 30 days in April and I told them they were nuts -- I would swear it rained more than that!  And some days we had over an inch.  Placed the steel water trough under one of the barn intersections one day and it FILLED in 8 hours!
  • We have a cow!!  Co-owned by Jennifer Shimp from iTolt Training Center and Anita Mays, "Stewie" seems to be contently spending his days in the pasture.  He's currently there alone (except for the chickens and the occasional visit from Reilly) but I'm still working on that!  Still hoping to get 2-4 horses in for boarding.  Potentially have some additional fencing to put up so there can be rotation in the center field and a separate run for Stewie, but that will depend on the individuals who come.  Looking forward to seeing horses out there soon though!
  • We have EGGS!!!  Oh my gosh do we have eggs!  The girls are doing a great job and we've been getting 14-20 eggs per day EVERY day!  If you have a hankerin' for some farm fresh, pasture raised, truly free range eggs... we have them!  $2 per dozen.
  • The garden is coming along slowly.  With all the rain as well as the time and energy distractions, it's been hard to get in and do much.  Currently there are 2 small rows of peas coming up, 6 cabbage plants (would have been 8, but the chickens kept digging up 2 of them and they disappeared!), 4 broccoli, 4 cauliflower and 8 pepper plants in the ground.  Have 6 more peppers and a dozen tomato plants ready to go.  Due to the nature of the soil, most of the remaining planting is going to be done via Hay Bale Gardening.  Moved 6 hay bales out to the garden area yesterday and am looking foward to getting the bales conditioned and planted by next weekend... along with a few more that will be located outside the bunny kennel so the squash plants can use teh chain link fence to trellis and climb!  One of my better ideas I thought.  In addition, I have 1 of the raised beds for the back patio halfway completed.  Hoping to finish it by monday and get some spinach, lettuce and herb planted and get started on the 2nd one.
So that's a quick run-down.  Here are a picture for you...

Stewie when he arrived in april