Tuesday, February 28, 2012

5 Things... Update

So I missed a day.  Life's been "weird" lately.  Please don't hold it against me. :)

1) Looks like the first horses will set foot at the farm sometime in the next week.  Still up in the air as to who exactly it will be (depends a little on who gets along with whom in turnout since they'll be out together).  So more updates as it happens.

2) As a result of #1, there will obviously need to be more work done in the barn.  More rock put down, possibly another stall built, and then there's the running of water to the barn.  The latter will need to be looked into asap, especially now that we're coming out of winter.  I may start by installing a hand pump on the outdoor well.

3) Looking at the garden possibilities for this year.  Going to downsize and kind of refocus (a running theme in life right now I think).  Found some wonderful ideas on Pinterest -- like growing greens in extra rain gutters that are just attached to a wall/fence.  Also a fun idea about growing plants from a pallet or using old tires that are painted BRIGHT colors as pots.  Too many fun ideas!

4)  Speaking of ideas, I've been putzing with a couple.  The first is to pour concrete in the "shed" off the attached garage, run electric so I can have lights, etc., have a couple windows installed and possibly the exterior door changed... and basically turn it into a nice room.  The idea is to make it into an exercise room.  I don't have enough $$ at the moment to refurbish the entire garage, but that one small room might be doable to start.

5) The other putzing idea is to pull out the hot tub and instead of putting it in the barn, put it on the back patio -- the idea of which also entails a patio makeover.  I guess the idea is more about the patio makeover and the hot tub is an extension of that.  Ideas abound on this one!  But a nice patio with plants, maybe a fountain, different flooring (I have never liked the brick that's there) to make it a lovely extension of the mudroom, which when clean is a really nice space, would be fun.  Plus I think I'm moving the garden closer to teh house so that could be incorporated a little.

So... I think this post is probably less "update" and more "hey ya'll... I have tons of projects in the queue.  If you're ever bored, come on out... even if it's just to keep me company while I work. "  :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

5 Things... or more

So the original intent of 5 Things was to keep me blogging every week about the farm and updates.  Obviously the holidays and first of the year had some kind of wrench to throw into those plans.  All is good though, as I thoroughly plan to keep up again.  So... in light of that... here are some current and semi-current 5 Things:

1) I've been enjoying the mild winter.  A little muddy here and there, but its nice to WANT to go outside occasionally.  It's also nice on the wallet when it comes to heating the house.  I'm a little concerned about the bug population this coming spring/summer.  That may be the trade-off for this week's temps being in the 50s and having rain instead of snow.  Still not sure I'd choose any differently however.

2) Stewie is gone.  He left last month.  In return I have a freezer full of 196 pounds of edible beef (including soup bones, but not including miscellaneous "other" organs and such).  My record keeping was only ok but by my calculations, I from fairly well with the price of the ground beef to amazing with the price of some of the steaks.  Am currently investigating picking up 2 or maybe even 3 calves this spring.  Would need buyers (hint hint).

3) Projects:  The project list is yet again rather large.  Some keep changing, some change their priority, some stay the same.  Still sorting out the list at the moment to see what to do next, but a couple weeks ago I painted the living room/dining room.  Instead of a yellow-ish tan color throughout, it is now Covered Wagon and Amaretto (a tan and a brick-ish color).  Actually ties in really well with the window treatments that were already there and I really like it overall a LOT better.

4) Back in November I enrolled in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University being presented by Wright-Patt Credit Union.  Tomorrow is my last class (it's actually only a 12 week course, but due to holidays and what I assume are room scheduling conflicts, ours was really extended).  I've thoroughly enjoyed the class and while it means that many projects at the farm won't be done in the timeframe I'd like, they'll get done on the timeframe they need to be done and without throwing me into a financial tailspin... so that's even better.  If you come across a class in your area, I would recommend it.

5) There are no boarders at the farm (yet), but I wanted to share a couple horse pictures.  First is Suzie Harrison and Frankie.  The picture was taken on cross country during their recent competition at Intermediate level at an event in Georgia. 

I purchased Frankie at the Ohio Thoroughbred Breeders and Owners Mixed Fall Sale in October 2004 for $500.  Due to life happening over that next year, I sold her... to Suzie, who's been the best thing for Frankie and taken her so far.  This coming weekend they're running their first Advanced level horse trail at the same farm in Georgia.  I'm so proud of them.

The next pic is me... at this past weekend's Game Day at iTolt Training Center in Miamisburg.  I used to board there (both Char and Frankie) and still go and ride.  The pony in the picture is Copper.  Such a good boy to just stand there and let me be the fool.