Friday, August 15, 2014

1 week to go!!

I can't believe it's here already - 1 week to go before opening date for all classes for the October 4th show at Twin Towers.  Here are the important things to know:

  1. NEW ADDRESS!!  Yep, we've moved and until we get settled at a new address we though a PO Box would be best put to use.  Here is the address to send ALL entries to:
    Serenity Valley Farm, P.O. Box 49374, Dayton, Ohio 45449
  2. Updated Class List: After 3 shows, we've decided to make a few changes to the class list. 
    • Dressage Changes: Of course all the DLSC Year-End Qualifying classes are still being offered. In addition, for dressage, we're offering up to 3 "Test of Choice" classes - one for regular dressage, one for Eventing dressage and one for Western dressage.  These classes are intended to be able to ride any test not already being offered, though riders may enter ANY dressage test. Classes may be combined depending on entry numbers.
    • Combined Test: Due to low numbers, we have officially dropped the Prelim level and 3-Day class offerings, but riders may enter the Test of Choice to ride their dressage. For jump practice, riders may enter the Jumper class at their level and compete for ribbons or may use the Training CT course as a "schooling round".
    • Jumpers: Since we have officially dropped Prelim level classes, we've also dropped the High Gambler's Choice and modified the remaining Gambler's choice to cover 2' to 3'3". In addition, we're adding another payback class - 6-Bar.  See the Event Details page on the website for a description of 6-Bar.  Both Gambler's Choice and 6-Bar will take place at the end of the day in the jumper ring, but moving them to the end should also improve the flow of the jumper ring.
  3. Pre-Entry Prizes: Brubaker's Feed in New Lebanon was wonderful enough to provide us with 2 door prizes at the June Show to give away in a random drawing of all pre-entries at the June Show.  We plan to do this again, so even if you're just entering jumper classes, consider pre-entering.  Not only will you save some money (on jumper classes), but you'll be entered into the drawing.  Thank You Brubaker's!!! 
If anyone has any suggestions or feedback, we'd love to hear it! We enjoy hearing the comments from our competitors and try to make this show a good experience for both horse and rider.