Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wonderful Holiday Weekend

We've been having a wonderful holiday weekend here on the farm and it's not over yet.  Tomorrow family comes up for some fun and even Monday will be part of our weekend.

Wanted to share... the other day driving early before the sun came up, it was quiet and beautiful as my headlights glinted off the frost on the random grass.  Not the snow... just the grass.  Looked almost like when the fireflies are out in the fields just after dark.

Hopefully within a couple days we'll be starting the Recipe section of the website.  We're going to do it as a blog so it will be searchable with tags.  For those who know us and have heard us talking about some of the yummy things that we make... as well as anyone wondering what we do with the food we produce here at the farm... hopefully this new recipe blog will pass on that information.

Happy holidays to everyone from all of us here at Serenity Valley Farm!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Yule

I'm a day late, I know.  But for everyone who celebrates Yule and the returning of the light to the world... I wish you the brightest blessings of the season.

The whole family tried to watch the lunar eclipse Tuesday morning (as well as the meteor shower that you were supposed to be able to see as the moon went dark), but we were thwarted by a light snow shower that had the entire area under a cover of clouds.  We did manage to get the lights up in the front of the house and play a bit of Settlers of Catan (a new favorite game).  Ate Bourbon Venison Steaks for dinner Monday night (a recipe that will soon make its debut in the Recipe section of the website).  Absolutely delicious!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday week!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Spent part of yesterday moving the peepers into the main hen area.  Figured it was about time.  And the weather for the most part is cooperating (up near freezing instead of close to 0 at night).  Took them over one at a time.  The hens were curious about the first few... more likely asserting their top place in the "pecking order."  After about 8 of the 24 peepers though, I think the hens figured out they were outnumbered... and boy did I hear it.  Each time I came back with another peeper, the hens "yelled" at me.  After a while, it looked like it was Junior High School dance in there... with peepers on one side and hens on the other!  This morning they were more integrated... mostly I think because the main nest box the hens use is on the peeper side of the room.  As long as I don't hear/see any snapping in time to music (ala West Side Story), I think it was a successful integration of the chickens.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Friendly Neighbors?

Almost forgot to mention this... This morning as I was getting ready for work, we heard the distinct hoot of an owl outside.  I think I saw him/her sitting in a tree behind the neighbor's house.  First owl we've heard here.  It was pretty cool.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

First Snow (in pics)!

This weekend we got our first measurable snowfall... about 2" or so.  I headed out on Saturday to take a bunch of pictures... here are a few:

Kids playing the snow.  Rhowan is having a "snack" while Willow is creating "paths" in the snow with a weighted down muck tub.

Rhowan playing in the snow

Rhowan took Reilly out to enjoy the snow (as a Newfoundland, he's certainly built for this weather!)  Here the two of them are playing in the pasture outside the henhouse door.

The completely painted SVF sign in the snowfall.

After taking these shots, I took a few of the critters... including the "peepers" who are growing up quickly!  Enjoy!!

"Waldo" - still unsure what breed she is (and I do think she's a she)

3 of the Rhode Island Red peepers

One of the Arcauna peepers

While I was cleaning the hen house area, one of the barred hens tried to make a run for it out the door (into the workshop)

Charlie & Moonlight opted to snuggle in the enclosed portion of their hutch while the snow was falling.  Smart bunnies!