Tuesday, December 7, 2010

First Snow (in pics)!

This weekend we got our first measurable snowfall... about 2" or so.  I headed out on Saturday to take a bunch of pictures... here are a few:

Kids playing the snow.  Rhowan is having a "snack" while Willow is creating "paths" in the snow with a weighted down muck tub.

Rhowan playing in the snow

Rhowan took Reilly out to enjoy the snow (as a Newfoundland, he's certainly built for this weather!)  Here the two of them are playing in the pasture outside the henhouse door.

The completely painted SVF sign in the snowfall.

After taking these shots, I took a few of the critters... including the "peepers" who are growing up quickly!  Enjoy!!

"Waldo" - still unsure what breed she is (and I do think she's a she)

3 of the Rhode Island Red peepers

One of the Arcauna peepers

While I was cleaning the hen house area, one of the barred hens tried to make a run for it out the door (into the workshop)

Charlie & Moonlight opted to snuggle in the enclosed portion of their hutch while the snow was falling.  Smart bunnies!

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