Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wonderful Holiday Weekend

We've been having a wonderful holiday weekend here on the farm and it's not over yet.  Tomorrow family comes up for some fun and even Monday will be part of our weekend.

Wanted to share... the other day driving early before the sun came up, it was quiet and beautiful as my headlights glinted off the frost on the random grass.  Not the snow... just the grass.  Looked almost like when the fireflies are out in the fields just after dark.

Hopefully within a couple days we'll be starting the Recipe section of the website.  We're going to do it as a blog so it will be searchable with tags.  For those who know us and have heard us talking about some of the yummy things that we make... as well as anyone wondering what we do with the food we produce here at the farm... hopefully this new recipe blog will pass on that information.

Happy holidays to everyone from all of us here at Serenity Valley Farm!

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