Sunday, December 12, 2010


Spent part of yesterday moving the peepers into the main hen area.  Figured it was about time.  And the weather for the most part is cooperating (up near freezing instead of close to 0 at night).  Took them over one at a time.  The hens were curious about the first few... more likely asserting their top place in the "pecking order."  After about 8 of the 24 peepers though, I think the hens figured out they were outnumbered... and boy did I hear it.  Each time I came back with another peeper, the hens "yelled" at me.  After a while, it looked like it was Junior High School dance in there... with peepers on one side and hens on the other!  This morning they were more integrated... mostly I think because the main nest box the hens use is on the peeper side of the room.  As long as I don't hear/see any snapping in time to music (ala West Side Story), I think it was a successful integration of the chickens.

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