Monday, February 25, 2013

February Recap

I guess since I haven't posted anything the entire month, I should recap what has happened.  In no particular order, February consisted of....

  • Beginning to finalize the details of the Serenity Valley Farm Horse Shows this year.  Added a complete class list to the website.  DLSC-sanctioned Dressage classes, all 3 Prix Caprilli tests (not DLSC), Combined Tests from Ground Poles through Preliminary, and Jumper classes from 2' to 4', including 2 Gambler's Choice Payback classes.  Still have quite a few details to nail down, but the show is starting to take shape.  Hope to see a lot of turnout at the first one on June 29th!
  • Spider's training has taken off!  Had a slight issue with her feet that kept her off work for a few days, but she's now doing better than ever!  Very sound, getting some LOVELY trot and lateral work and even some softness in the canter.  And she's doing beautifully in her jumping.  Ella jumped her yesterday and did a fantastic job.
  • Shirley has spent the last 2 weekend's at iTolt so we can get her going again.  And going she is!  The mare is so smart and talented, that within 1 workout, she's back to where she was in December and progressing rapidly.  I jumped her on Saturday after a bit of flatwork with Anita and Shirley nearly jumped me out of the tack!  Major power in that girl!  Oh and I walked her a bit bareback after our jumping session yesterday.  She's such a good girl!
  • Life at the farm continues.  Plenty to do with the slightly warmer temps that's for sure.  The boys go to Freezer Camp within the month.  The girls are starting to lay eggs again.  And we have a new arrival: a cat I'm calling Boots.  Pretty friendly, very vocal.  I honestly haven't looked to see if Boots is a boy or a girl but he/she has one of those fat cat faces and is black with a white spot on the forehead, white on the chest and 4 white feet (thus "Boots").  I think if I didn't have Phoebe, Boots may become an indoor kitty.
  • The roommate is moving back to town this coming weekend.  I'm tempted to try to find another, but it would have to be a good fit, of course.  Willing to trade SOME rent for chores.  1-2 bedrooms plus access to pretty much the rest of the house and barn.  Must be ok with cats and hairy/slobbery/loveable dogs.  Does not HAVE to do anything with the farm animals if they don't wish to.  If you know of anyone that might be a good fit, let me know.
I think that's about it for the update.  I need a good camera so I can take more pictures (the camera on my phone isn't great at all).  Maybe from the tax return (after of course the set amount for bills)?  But until that time, here are 2 recent pics... Shirley investigating the pretty pony in the mirror (which she kept nickering at), and Boots.