Tuesday, February 28, 2012

5 Things... Update

So I missed a day.  Life's been "weird" lately.  Please don't hold it against me. :)

1) Looks like the first horses will set foot at the farm sometime in the next week.  Still up in the air as to who exactly it will be (depends a little on who gets along with whom in turnout since they'll be out together).  So more updates as it happens.

2) As a result of #1, there will obviously need to be more work done in the barn.  More rock put down, possibly another stall built, and then there's the running of water to the barn.  The latter will need to be looked into asap, especially now that we're coming out of winter.  I may start by installing a hand pump on the outdoor well.

3) Looking at the garden possibilities for this year.  Going to downsize and kind of refocus (a running theme in life right now I think).  Found some wonderful ideas on Pinterest -- like growing greens in extra rain gutters that are just attached to a wall/fence.  Also a fun idea about growing plants from a pallet or using old tires that are painted BRIGHT colors as pots.  Too many fun ideas!

4)  Speaking of ideas, I've been putzing with a couple.  The first is to pour concrete in the "shed" off the attached garage, run electric so I can have lights, etc., have a couple windows installed and possibly the exterior door changed... and basically turn it into a nice room.  The idea is to make it into an exercise room.  I don't have enough $$ at the moment to refurbish the entire garage, but that one small room might be doable to start.

5) The other putzing idea is to pull out the hot tub and instead of putting it in the barn, put it on the back patio -- the idea of which also entails a patio makeover.  I guess the idea is more about the patio makeover and the hot tub is an extension of that.  Ideas abound on this one!  But a nice patio with plants, maybe a fountain, different flooring (I have never liked the brick that's there) to make it a lovely extension of the mudroom, which when clean is a really nice space, would be fun.  Plus I think I'm moving the garden closer to teh house so that could be incorporated a little.

So... I think this post is probably less "update" and more "hey ya'll... I have tons of projects in the queue.  If you're ever bored, come on out... even if it's just to keep me company while I work. "  :)

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