Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Garden Update

No photographic evidence yet, but I looked at the new gutter garden and the spinach is starting to pop up!!  I'm really excited to see how this works.

Put down 12 bags of top soil the other day and planted 1 short row of snow peas and 3 broccoli plants.  Of course the cats seem to think I created a new litter box for them.  I swear, if it's not the cats getting into something, it's the chickens.  I may need to fence it off until the plants actually start taking root!  Hopefully I can get a bit more accomplished sooner than later as I have cauliflower and cabbage starts that are ready to plant, and I want to get more snow peas in the ground (one can never have too many snow peas).  I think that may do it until closer to the frost date.  I know you can buy tomatoes and peppers and whatnot now, but I'm really leary of planting them and then getting hammered with a late frost.  Plus I am putting in the top soil a little at a time anyway so it's not like it does me a whole lot of good to go out and buy a ton of plants right now.  Ah... but it IS tempting!! LOL

I think I've made a change to the pallet garden.  I would love to do it the way the instructions say -- using soil to fill in between plants and voila... water for a week or so laying down then you can stand up with no worries.  Unfortunately, I've started and then come to realize that for a regular size pallet... that's a LOT of plants!  So I'm backtracking.  Going to probably remove the plants I have... or at least fill the pallet with more soil and spread them out a bit.  Then I picked up a couple packets of wildflower seeds.  I have the time to let them grow so why not?

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