Tuesday, September 11, 2012

They must be aliens!

Question: What do you get when you take 2 off-the-track thoroughbred mares out of their comfortable environment, put them on a new farm complete with all kinds of alien life (like turkeys and cows) and then try to separate them to do some grooming and lunging?

Answer:  An evening full of "interesting" ground work!
The girls give the BIG hairy eyeball to the aliens...er...cows.
The cows of course could care less and are just on a search for better grass.

Anita came by last night and we brought the girls individually into the barn cross-tie area for some grooming.  The goal was to hopefully be able to lunge each of them.  It didn't quite work out that way as we worked on relaxing and ground manners.  They definitely have a bad case of separation anxiety, but I suppose under the circumstances they weren't all THAT bad.  After all, 24 hours earlier they knew their surroundings.  Now they only know each other!

Anita did manage to lunge Spider in the front paddock (with the turkey's locked out of the way).  While she did that, I worked more with Shirley... bringing her into the barn and out of eye-sight of where Spider went.  She was very anxious and not at all happy.  We did get SOME relaxation at the end, but both Anita and I immediately decided that more ground work is needed before we start riding.

I'm also hoping that they start realizing the cows aren't really aliens and that in reality they're much bigger and can probably take over the farm from them if they want to.  They do seem to be getting better about the chickens.  Well, at least they don't go running from them when the chickens LOOK in their direction (unlike with the cows).

Tonight: I think Anita is going to play with the girls a bit but I'm heading to Jen's to work Noble.  We have the DLSC Stillwater Pony Club show coming up on Saturday and he's basically going to be doing a horse trial.  After that, I have a to-do list a MILE long.  Thankfully, this post is on the list so I can at least scratch one thing off.

9/11 -- Never Forget

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