Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Greenstone Dressage Recap & SVF June Show Update

Things are happening fast and furious around here it seems.

Greenstone Dressage Show - June 14

Took Shirley to the dressage show.  It was... educational and interesting.  We entered Training Level Test 1 and the USEF Rider Test (Training Level).  Arrived in plenty of time to have a nice LONG warm up with lots of reward breaks.  I think that worked but she was still "up" when we walked over to the other side of the trees and went in the ring.  We've been trying to work on keeping her in front of my leg... and thus soft, forward and straight.  Yeah... that didn't work very well initially.  I'm sure people who watched us enter the ring for our T1 test thought for sure I'd started drinking really early that day!!  "Not straight" doesn't even BEGIN to describe our entrance... or the trot from the halt at X up to C.  It was really funny.  Even funnier was the judge's comment which simply said "haunches left" or something mild like that. 

We did have some nice moments.  And our final centerline and halt were wonderful (scoring our only 7).  But we still have a LOT of work to do.  The second test wasn't even as nice.  She really fell behind my leg and would go hollow.  I was told it was almost like she simply didn't want to try.  Like she was saying "I already did this and now I'm not sure what you want!"  Frustrating but we'll get there I guess.  Finished with both scores just a hair below 60% (that dreaded 40 that I try so hard to break) and a 4th and 2nd ribbon.  Just don't ask how many were in the class!
Training Level Test 1 - the final centerline

After the final halt - Training Level Test 1

SVF Show - June 28

The show is rapidly approaching.  There was still room in the schedule when the closing date for the dressage and CT entries came so we extended closing date to Wednesday (today).  Yikes!!  Probably shouldn't have done that as between Saturday and Monday's mail delivery we received over 25 entries!  It will be a VERY full day!  Entries are officially closed for non-jumper classes today and no late entries will be accepted.  Of course pre-entries and day-of entries for jumper classes are still being and will be accepted.

We are so excited about the show.  We're currently working on not only the Ride Times schedule but lining up plenty of volunteers (if you can help, we'd REALLY appreciate it!), getting all the paperwork in order, and looking at ways to make the show really nice for all participants.  We'll be at the park Friday afternoon/evening to set up the rings and of course all day Saturday, including tearing down after the show and putting the dressage rings and jumps away.  Please help if you can!

Farm Update

We currently have a contract for the purchase of the farm!  I'm so excited about the change.  The process itself is amazingly convoluted and difficult, but really looking forward to a fresh start.  I don't yet have a purchase contract on the new farm so that's yet to be announced.  Closing date for the contract is currently set for July 25th.

Upcoming Events

In addition to the whole packing and moving, Shirley and I will be at Red Tail Ridge in Johnstown this weekend for a Jimmy Wofford clinic (Ella and Thumper will be there on Saturday as well).  And July 5th is the Leg-Up Horse Trials in Indiana.  Cannot wait!!  Also it looks like the farrier was able to locate Spider's recent abscess so she'll be going back to work.. which is exciting as usual!  Things are definitely looking good around here.

Happy Summer!

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