Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Farm Pictures - Finally!

Finally uploaded the couple hundred photos of the farm off the camera... here are some good ones...

East side of the farm taken from the garden (where it looks all weedy).  Buildings right to left: House facing north... detached "other" building facing west... detached 1 car garage facing west (behind the little pine tree)... corn crib partially hidden by garage.... the big barn is in the background behind the garage and corn crib.  Old Dayton road is off pic to the right.

View of the farm house and outbuildings from the SE corner of the property.  The land planted in corn won't be ours til we pick up the option, but this gives you a VERY good idea of how big this property is!

View from the NE corner of the "Back 10" -- this is the additional 10 acre plot that is somewhat hidden with woods and a treeline from the road.  Currently share cropped but will be the first of the additional land that we "reclaim" for our personal use.

Part of the Kitchen.  The cabinets are custom made with virgin pine to match the 1 existing wall unit of original virgin heart pine cabinets (1916 built).  Several of the custom cabinets are extra wide and/or extra deep to accommodate things like pots, pan, crockpots and small appliances.  The one drawer under the dishwasher is big enough to fit a small child!  Kitchen also has a brand new oak wood floor.
view of the first floor bathroom... with marble countertop and shower threshold, large shower with double shower heads and beautiful restored wood floor.  There is also a wall of custom built cabinets behind the picture taker.
View of the living room area from the foyer.  Foyer has brand new premium carpet.  Living room/dining room (aka great room) has brand new pine wood floors, large closet, 2 matching chandelier lights and a matching ceiling fan, plus there is a built in 1916 built cabinet in the dining area.
More pictures later I suppose.  Literally Chris took almost 300 and we've been doing work on the house since then (finishing the bathroom, painting the mudroom, decluttering, etc.) so we're taking more almost every time we go out.
To update the process... the new appraisal was completed yesterday morning.  Now we're just in wait and see mode again until that report comes back.  We're expecting it later this week.  Stay tuned!

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