Wednesday, June 2, 2010

History (I) and our first party?

Breaking up the history of how we got to the farm we're getting into a couple different parts (probably 3)... makes it easier to read and hopefully a bit less rambly.

Part I:  The Villa

Over the last couple years, we quickly came to realize that we needed a plan.  The kids were getting bigger and we were definitely outgrowing the house on Cottage -- a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 1425 sq foot home on a corner lot 3 blocks from the civic center.  We wanted our own farm if at all possible.  So we set about doing what needed to be done.  In 2008 our "big" project was reroofing the shingle parts of the house.  In 2009 we did the gutters/soffits/facia (and evicted our tenants -- squirrels, birds and bats).  The plan was to do carpet and such after the winter snow/mud and then put the house on the market spring 2010.  As the saying goes... things don't always go according to the gorram plan.

In August we started looking at houses.  The idea was to narrow down what we liked/didn't like and what we wanted and what was available, so when the time came, it would be easy(er) to find something.  We came across a lovely 1970's built home that was fantastic!  3500 sq feet, 3 car attached garage, a detached garage/building all on 10 acres and we thought it might be within our price range.  So off we went to the mortgage broker to discuss options.  Well, the property was within our price range... but we would HAVE to sell the house on Cottage first.  Guess that moved up our timetable a bit!  We spent about 3 weeks doing everything -- new carpet, new paint, fixes, upgrades.  Cottage went on the market mid-September 2009!  "The Villa" as we called it would be ours as soon as we got an offer. :)

Then came the long wait.  We didn't even have a single showing until November 2nd... but that showing turned into an offer!  That's the good news.  The bad news was 1) the owner of the Villa had leased it out for a year starting November 1st and 2) our potential buyer had crappy credit.  #1 we didnt' have any control over.  #2... we accepted a contingent offer of sorts (nothing on paper) as she worked with our mortgage broker to get her credit up to snuff.  So our next steps -- look for another place for us and hope we either get another buyer or this one cleans up her act soon.

Stay tuned for Part II....

In other news, we are still waiting on the appraisal to come back but feel it went really well.  At least the appraiser "knew" farms. 

Spent most of the weekend out there in one fashion or another.  Got a few things accomplished.  Purchased our first farm-related item -- a Cub Cadet 29cc gas-powered weed whacker.  Realized my mistake at purchasing squash seedlings -- ended up with 18 zucchini, 18 acorn and 72 butternut!  Oops.  But we did get them all in the ground, along with another 8 cucumbers and 15 hills of corn and beans.  Took some walks around the property and relaxed on the porch or in the living room here and there (it was HOT out).  Gave a few tours to friends.  Drove the new barn van into town to grab lunch on Saturday (that was INTERESTING).  We also cleaned out the storage unit and moved all that stuff into the back room of the barn -- no more $125 per month rental fees!!  Took a TON of pictures of the farm on Sunday... but don't have them loaded from the camera yet.  Stay tuned for that fun.

Monday was Memorial Day.  We ended up with a few friends out at the farm to see the place and it evolved into an impromptu cookout!  Well, the grill needed to end up at the farm anyway eventually, right?  Had a great time and broke in Kookyduke's (the future bar in the barn) the right way... with some good food, nice drinks and fabulous friends.  Hopefully we'll be all moved in by the 4th of July and can really have a nice holiday party.

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