Monday, August 16, 2010

Eggs & Auctions

First the eggs.  The chickens gave us our first eggs yesterday (sunday).  It was a great sight to see!  Here's hoping for a lot more soon.

We participated in an online auction of a local business liquidation.  Their stock had all been sold and it was the store furnishings that were being sold.  We came away not spending very much money at all, but in return we "won" quite a few wonderful additions - including an electric beverage cooler for under the new Pub bar as well as several tables and chairs for the Pub, a bookcase for the house, and what I hope will be the whiteboard we've been talking about getting for our calendar.  In addition we picked up a few things that I couldn't pass up for the price and we'll be looking to list them on Craigslist as soon as we pick them up.  Should be able to make a little money on the deal.

In other news, parts of the garden have been doing really well.  We have tons of tomatoes, some funky shaped cucumbers and a few peppers are ripening.  The peas were doing well as well, but I think they've been "missed" the last few harvesting rounds by the kids and I'm not sure they're producing anymore.  The corn and squash?  Well... not sure if it was the weeds they were planted amongst or the soil that's in desperate need of a LOT of help, but they're not doing well at all.  I'm contemplating mowing the whole area and just calling it a wash and start laying compost in that space for next year.

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