Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to School Update

Ok, not really as Willow and Rhowan are homeschooled and won't be starting "classes" til after Labor Day... but it's ok.  Couldn't come up with a catchier title.

Been a whirlwind of activity... mostly in the barn.  As mentioned, the chickens have been giving us eggs (note the photo evidence below of the first 2 collected).  Typically 2-4/day.  We have realized we have a couple rodents in the barn that need to be evicted/exterminated and we MAY be losing eggs to them.  Have to see after the eviction.

Chris with the first 2 eggs produced at SVF
The girls -- Barred Rock hens
Went last night and purchased all the immediate supplies needed for chicks.  The plan is to order them soon so we'll start getting eggs from them in the spring.  Minimum order is 25... only question now is ordering all 25 Rhode Island Reds... or doing a mix of RIRs and Arcaunas (for the blue/green eggs).

The bar/tavern/pub/dancehall/whatever you want to call it is looking amazing!!  The floor is finished (added a 2nd layer of plywood so it's VERY solid), the railings were completed a couple weeks ago at a "work party" we had with a bunch of our wonderful friends coming out to help.  The bar is up with a plywood top.  no fronting yet but solid and functional.  The furniture we picked up at the auction last week looks amazing and fits so well.  And this week has been all about lighting.  Put up 2 ceiling fans in the large area and then hung 10 (so far) hanging lights in various places along with a string of "cute" lights, a string of holiday lights and a tube of lights.  the Latter is hung under the backside of the bar and looks great... the others are up over entrances.  I hope to get some decent pictures of the place all lit up in the next couple days because it really does look fantastic.  Finish the bar and clean up the wood and it really could be rented for functions as it will look amazing.

In the meantime, here are a couple pics from the work party a couple weeks ago:

Rhowan working on the railing.
Dakota, Brandon and Ryan working on the railing.
L to R: Willow, Dakota, Chris, Rhowan, Amanda, Thom... and I think Brandon's foot -- relaxing the in bar post work!
Thom drinking a beer in/at his bar.

And just a couple other shots...
Side 1 of the SVF Farm sign... almost done!

Reilly is staring at the door to the chickens... he KNOWS they're there!

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