Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Building Stalls and a Fort! (plus Tavern Naming contest update)

Work is progressing at Serenity Valley... in some cases at a tremendous speed!

We are *THIS* close to being able to advertise for boarders.  The stall is done (except for mats which will be purchased next week at Quarter Horse Congress).  We've put down extra stone in a couple places where the run in footing was a little soft.  The ramp to the workbench area has started and will be solid AND soft for the horses.  3 of 4 lights in the area are up and running!  it's really looking nice.

Due to the chillier fall weather that finally descended upon us, we picked up a ginormous tarp from Craigslist (bigger than the seller advertised) and the bar now has a roof!  The goal being to be able to keep a bit more heat inside the bar area for upcoming gatherings.  Yes, between surrounded by canvas and now covered with a tarp... it looks like we built a fort! :)  but it does help retain heat.  I only wish I'd remembered to take pictures during construction.  which reminds me... next time you're at the bar, take a look at the washers used to help keep the roof tarp in place.  I think they'll make you smile.

Winterizing activities will start in a couple weeks.  Until then, we're continuing to clean out the storage area (in order to house hay for horses as needed), finish the stalls and further "insulate" the bar.  Oh and we'll be getting a tree to plant sometime this week for the patio area. 

The latest standings for the Name the Tavern Contest & 50/50 Raffle are below (as of Sunday, Sept 26).  Remember... voting open til 10pm on Saturday, October 30th (during teh Halloween Party) with the drawing at 10:30.  you do not need to be present to win the 50/50 drawing!  Name that collects the most $ will be the official name of the Tavern.  Each $1 you vote gives you a chance in the drawing to split the proceeds.  Vote often!!

Name leaderboard:
1.  The Withers Tavern
2.  Kookyduke's Tavern
3.  The Shindig
4.  The Browncoat Tavern
5.  Old Nelson's Charge
6.  The Bascule Tavern
6.  The Prancing Pony Inn
6.  The Stirrup Cup Pub
9.  Airs Above the Ground Tavern
9.  The Shiny Oxer Tavern

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