Tuesday, November 16, 2010

End of the season

It becomes quite obvious no matter where you are on a day like today when the rain is falling and the temps are in the 40s, that summer really is over... and fall leaving us isn't far behind either.  We're looking forward to our first winter on the farm if only because it's OUR farm.  Personally... I like the other 3 seasons much better.

This weekend we officially closed down The Shindig.  Since it's an open space, everything susceptable to freezing was brought into the house.  The fridge and cooler were unplugged and the bar stools were taken back into the dining room.  We may still gather in The Shindig here and there as the weather permits, but for all intents and purposes, shindigs at The Shindig will have to wait til spring start poking her head out of the ground and clouds and warms things up to a reasonable level.

Thanks to everyone who helped make our inaugural season, even if it was short, a great one.  Those who helped Thom build the tavern space on our work days... those who came to hang out and make it the special space that it is... thank you all.  We're already thinking about special events to host for next year.

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