Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Enjoying the start of the Yule season

For us, the Yule season begins on the full moon preceding Yule.  Usually that gives us a week or 2 of "season" to enjoy.  With this year's December full moon falling ON Yule, we have an extra long season.  November's full moon was this past Sunday... so our Yule season is actually in full swing.

Sunday, the farm provided as Thom was able to bring down a doe in the back pasture.  Great bow shot!    Sunday evening's dinner plans were changed from London Broil to fresh liver and onions.  She'll be providing for us for a while.

The peepers (chicks) are getting big and starting to look like hens.  And I think Waldo might just be a hen as well!  I think we'll probably integrate them in with the older hens in a couple weeks.  Need to get a few new nestboxes up before spring and rework a few things in that room, but looking forward to having everyone in one spot.  At least til spring when we look at possibly ordering a few more.

Yesterday was the first day we only found 3 eggs from the 5 hens.  I'm sure it has to do with the shorter days.  Hopefully we can extend their laying just a bit.

We had a family discussion over the weekend and decided that we're going to raise a few turkeys for next fall... probably 25 total.  They will be pasture raised and we'll start taking orders for them when we get them sometime in July.

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow to all.  Hope you enjoy the day!

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