Saturday, January 26, 2013

Shirley the Super Star

I am so excited about Shirley!  I hope this post does her justice and not just a bunch of babble.

I signed up for a group lesson in Richmond with Nadeem Noon.  I've known Nad for years, watched him ride and coach at events, but until now have never taken a lesson with him.  I'm so glad I finally got the chance.

The plan, of course, didn't go according to ... well... the plan.  The plan was to take Spider.  She'd done a wonderful jump school with Ella last weekend and was doing great through the week.  Unfortunately, after a good workout on Thursday, I went back on Friday to do another session leading up to the clinic today.  Unfortunately, Spider was off and we had to make alternate plans.

Of course Shirley hasn't been in regular work for quite a while, despite being amazing a couple weeks ago during a trial ride.  We weren't entirely sure taking her would work, if she'd settle enough to in a group lesson setting, but decided to take a chance.  As insurance, thanks to Jen, we loaded up Noble for the ride as well. If Shirley had a major meltdown, we could tack up Noble and I could still get a bit of a lesson.

No worries -- Shirley, while showing her green side a bit, was a rock star!!  We missed a bit of the flatwork warm up, but really... she was very good and I'm so proud of her!

The video below is the last exercise of the lesson.  I certainly need some work, but I'm so proud of Shirley.

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