Sunday, August 25, 2013

"Don't Come in Last"

This post is a slight diversion from normal farm stuff. Today I participated in the Lake Loramie Triathlon (canoe/bike/run). Have a few thoughts that I wanted to write down.

This was my second triathlon. Due to a planned vacation, I ended up doing this one solo. I'm still waiting for the official results but there's no doubt that I came in last in the solo division... in fact, due to the staggered start, there's a very real possibility that I came in last for the entire event. If not last, then 3rd to last.

I'm competitive. I always have been. So don't take this next comment wrong because I enjoy doing well and love to win. But honestly? I am PERFECTLY FINE coming in last. I actually thought about this the entire race. Within the first 20 minutes, a female team passed me on the lake and the person in the back had a t-shirt on that said "Don't Come In Last". I hated that t-shirt and was really glad I didn't see it the rest of the race. I understand the sentiment, but when you're doing something difficult... actually TRYING something that is hard... why is it so bad to come in last? At least you're trying. And DOING! Better to come in last doing something... than to never try at all, right? After seeing the t-shirt, during the lake portion about the last turn before heading to the take-out, a friend of the people in the canoe next to me told her friends "you're not last!!" I'd be thrilled if folks cheered me on... even if I was last!

Here are a few other observations and thoughts:

  • 2.5 miles alone in a kayak is longer than 2.5 miles in a canoe with a friend. Especially on a lake and not going downstream in a river.
  • 15 miles on a bike is definitely longer than 12 miles.
  • Running after biking sucks! I could barely walk when I got off the bike, much less run!
  • There are a bunch of triathlon participants at this race and at the one I did last month that remind me of eventers. So many people wished me well and cheered me on even though they didn't know me from the next person. Definitely reminds me of the "have a good ride" you hear so often at horse trials and 3-Days. Maybe it's the triathlon aspect.
  • Having a triathlon next to a lake is a great idea. After I finished, I gathered my stuff and then went and took a dip in the lake. It was awesome! Good thing I took a change of clothes.
  • Biggest mistake of the race? Not taking sunscreen! OOPS!!

Had a great time... thought I'm not entirely sure I was thinking that at various times during the race. Next one is September 29th.

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