Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Updates on it all

Time for updates!!

SVF Show 
We are now accepting entries for the June 28th show for all divisions! Thank you to those who have already sent entries. We had fun running this show last year and are REALLY looking forward to it again this year.

For dressage, Prix Caprilli and all combined tests, entries close on Saturday, June 14th. To be considered on time, entries must be postmarked by June 14th. Late entries for these classes will be accepted if space is available and with a $10 late fee.

To qualify for pre-entry Jumper class fees, entries must be RECEIVED by Wednesday, June 25th. Entries for all jumper classes as well as schooling jump rounds for either the jumper class courses or the CT jump courses can be made up to and on the day of the show.  

Still working on selling/buying a new farm. The process is PAINFULLY slow! Still showing the farm to prospective buyers, though one of the buyers is currently working through the financing process and says we're close to her being "approved" and will be doing a contract soon. Dropped off a contingent purchase contract to the new place. Have a lot of plans for it and cannot wait! The horses have taught me more patience, but it's getting ridiculous! Beyond ready to get started.  

Shirley went out for her first trail ride of the season yesterday. Can I just say that Buck Creek State Park has AMAZING trails! They're in great shape and a ton of fun. Wish it wasn't an hour drive to get there, but it is what it is and so worth it. She was GREAT too! She's done 2 shows so far this year - the first DLSC hunter show at Hilltop Equestrian where she earned two 3rds and a 2nd in the Beginner Hunter (2'-2'3") division. The next weekend we went to the May Come Again Farm Event Derby and competed in both the Starter CT and Starter Derby divisions. Had a couple equipment issues along with ... good grief... COWS!!... but I'm pretty proud of her overall. The pics below are all screen captures from video that Anita took.... some of our nicer moments. :)

Spider has been working very well with Anita on her dressage and coming along nicely working some 2nd level movement and building some much needed strength. She hasn't been out showing yet this year, but I'm hoping we can get her out soon.

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