Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 Things - 2 weeks

1) Nothing major has happened really (although one may argue based on Thing #2), but life at the farm has been fun lately.  A lot has to do with the people that have been around as much as what's been happening.  There have been a few adventures, some reconnecting, long talks, fun games, laughter and hugs... sounds good to me!

2) Update on the land deal.  Long story short, it's not happening this year.  Opted to put it on hold to see where we all land next year as the proposed purchase wasn't quite right for everyone.  So there's a lot to think about between now and then.  Decisions to be made.  Many things were put on hold in order to try to make this happen and the question now is whether they need to continue on hold or if some of them can be done/created/purchased/etc sooner rather than later (and of course what affect that will have on future land purchases).  It's a LOT to consider, but winter is just starting, so there's time to think and reflect and plan before the busy of spring hits.  I'm sure I'll do some "out loud" thinking here as considerations are made.

3) It doesn't seem a lot like the holidays at the moment.  Temps are in the 40s, no snow on the ground (which fyi is fine by me), gray and dreary skies with plenty of mud.  I can't say that I'd rather have snow than mud because that leads to a whole host of other issues - frozen water buckets, iced in doors, higher heating costs -- but the dreary, gray and muddy isn't ideal either.  Guess we'll see what's in store as the winter progresses.

4) Have several indoor projects that need to be worked on.  In addition to the every needed general cleaning, I want to take the several pint jars of pear butter I put up and split them into these adorable cup jars I found at the store.  This way, I can give more away as gifts!  I also need to sit down and go through my clothing and make a (huge I'm sure) pile for Goodwill or Amvets.

5) Sushi & Movie Day is coming up soon.  This will be the 3rd year of the tradition (going for Sushi on or near Christmas and then hitting a matinee movie).  As of last night, we've picked out the movie (the new Sherlock Holmes) and the sushi place (Thai 9) so plans are a go for Saturday.  Really looking forward to it.  In the meantime, getting started on projects from #4 as well as going to the barn to ride.

Have a wonderul holiday week/weekend!

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