Tuesday, December 27, 2011

5 Things Post Christmas

1) Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.  Mine was good.  A little quiet at times, which was nice.  NOT white, which was also nice.  Spent a good portion of it not doing a whole lot of anything.... again, nice.  Now there's a to do list a mile long and I'm sure it will get longer as winter trudges on and spring gets closer.

2) Movies:  I love movies.  I'm the type of person who can watch some movies repeatedly and not get tired of them.  Needless to say, this was a weekend full of movies.  Along with "The Black Stallion" and "Secretariat" which I'd seen before, I also saw several that were new (or new to me)... including:
  • War Horse -- B rating from me at best.  It's a combination of Steven Speilberg's epicness.... Disney... war... and a PG-13 rating.  Somewhere in trying to combine all of that, something gets lost.  It's essentially Black Beauty at war, but I think the editing is a little choppy.  Just when I started to get REALLY engrossed in what the horse was going through, BAM... editing takes me away from that.  And the war part was boiled down (a little to a LOT depending on the scene) so you didn't even get the "war is hell" aspect like what I got from a movie like "Saving Private Ryan".  I'd have to say one of the best scenes in the movie was the no-man's land rescue.  I won't say more than that about specifics, but I can completely see that happening (other than the outcome for the horse which was very Disney'd).  Oh, and the ending, while nice and sappy, was over the top -- got the feeling I was transported into a viewing of Gone with the Wind.  Glad I saw it, but also glad it was at matinee prices
  • Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows -- A- from me.  Very entertaining.  Almost as good as the original.  The plot was a LITTLE thin in places, but still... quality entertainment.  I'm a huge Robert Downey Jr. fan and now that he's clean there simply is almost no one better in Hollywood in my opinion.  The man is amazing to watch.  I'm not big on Jude Law, but he does make a good sidekick to Holmes' outrageousness.  Definitely worth seeing.
  • The Hangover -- B++ from me.  I hesitate to give it an A- rating only because I guess I'm stingy.  Yes, I know this came out a while ago, so I'll spare you the amateur analysis of the movie. It was very funny and I enjoyed it a lot.  Probably one of the best fratboy humor movies I've seen and definitely one of the few that I would see again.  I'm looking forward to seeing The Hangover II as I've been told it's just as, if not more funny.
3) Drew up plans to fence in the front acreage.  Also did a ballpark cost estimate on it -- putting no climb fencing around it as well as nice looking board fencing along the road, plus gates.  Ouch.  Time to start saving now.  But it will be worth it to get it done.  Between being able to use it for horses as well as if I want to keep the turkeys in that area, it should look nice and be very functional when all is said and done.

4) Finally took down the turkey fencing.  The t-posts are still up but moved the fence itself over to the pasture to help try to keep the chickens in the pasture.  Did this on Sunday afternoon and the sun was out (a little weird feeling given that it's rained so much lately).  Need to get more temp posts (not going to drive in regular t-posts for that) but part of it is up and I think it might be starting to help.

5) a picture to share.  They came out to help "supervise" the fencing mentioned above.

The picture that was missed was before this when Reilly & I went for a walk around the outside of the pasture.  Buff Puff followed us and Stewie came out to the middle of the pasture to watch us.  About 3/4 the way around, Buff Puff decided to cut through the pasture to catch up to us.  Boy did she ever!!  Stewie decided to chase her and you've never seen a cat move as fast as Buff Puff did when she was being chased by a 15 month old steer!  Girl has some speed!!

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