Monday, December 5, 2011

5 Things... is it December already?

1) Are you sure?  I know what the calendar says, but really?  Has anyone told Mother Nature yet because I think she may think it's April.  Saturday was GORGEOUS - 50 degrees and sunny.  Since then we've had nothing but rain.  Enough to put us under a flood watch til later today.  Rain, rain and more rain.  And did I mention the ground was already saturated from last week's couple days of rain?  Anyone want to buy me an ark for Yule?

2) The only project this weekend at the farm was enjoying the weather and unpacking the new tv.  Yes, folks, the Shindig now has a tv as the "monster" will be moved (at some point) out to the bar.  The new tv is lighter (although bigger) and fits better in the house. 

3) The weather on Saturday was enjoyed by doing some light clean up but mostly by shooting at targets in the Back 10.  ALWAYS a good time!

4) While not hooked up, the farm also officially has a hot tub!  It's currently residing in the attached garage to keep it cat and chicken free until such time as it gets hooked up and put in it's proper place, but at least it's there and one can stand and look at it, and dream of being in warm bubbles on cold days.

5) Made some random "let's throw this in" chili this past week and it was fabulous (for experimental chili and my lack of understanding spicing).  Made it from ground venison that's been in the freezer.  I'm SO looking forward to a winter of more yummy chili!

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