Tuesday, November 29, 2011

5 Things post-Thanksgiving

1) Thanks to a friend, I was able to actually eat one of my own turkeys on Thanksgiving.  According to 2 different people who cooked/ate 2 different turkeys, they were a big hit and were both described as "the breast meat just fell off the bone!"  That people thoroughly enjoyed the birds makes me happy!  Plans are to have turkeys next year.  I already have a couple orders.

2) Had a wonderful holiday weekend overall.  Before chowing down on turkey on Thursday, a friend and I participated in the Miamisburg Turkey Trot 5 mile run/walk.  We did it last year and I'm happy to say improved our time in the race this year by over 5 minutes!  I definitely think this is going to become a tradition for us.

3) Although the weather was gorgeous until Sunday, not much got accomplished around the farm.  Cleaned out the garage to make room for storing the hot tub until I can get everything in place to put it in its new home.  Cleaned out part of the chicken room as well, but really that was about it.  Went riding on Spot, walked around downtown for a bit... took it easy and loved it.

4) Of course the weather has been less than stellar since the weekend and is expected to get worse as we're forecasted for our first snow of the season tonight.  Blech!  So not ready for snow!!

5) And last but not least, an update on the land acquisition.  Refinanced the farm last week and am extremely happy with that process.  Still waiting to hear from the seller as to whether or not he's ok with still splitting off some land for me (up to 7 acres) or if he just wants to nix the whole thing.  Didnt' expect to hear anything last week due to the holiday and all, so I'm just in wait mode at this point.  The appraisal on the farm is good for a year... so I can add land up to that point without having to get another appraisal on the farm itself, just the land.  However, I'd really rather we get things finished well before then... perhaps in time to plant pasture/hay on the new acreage in the spring.

Well... that's it for this week.  Things are definitely slowing down and soon I expect to be talking more and more about plans for next year.  Right now they definitely include more turkeys (hopefully Bourbon Reds as well as some Broad Breasted Whites).  Next year may also see a couple new beef steers on the property along with (at long last) horses!!

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