Monday, November 21, 2011

5 Things pre-Thanksgiving

1) It's almost eerie how quiet it was walking to the car this morning.  The garage is right next to where the turkeys were and no one was there to squeek at me this morning.  Saturday we finished processing all the turkeys.  It went well, even if the garbage can idea was a bust (next year - turkey frier may get a try).  10 processed turkeys ranged from 11 pounds to 16 pounds, without the "extras".  Not bad.  A bit small for a Broad Breasted White turkey but given that I raised them as naturally as I count instead of the way the commercial turkeys are typically raised, I'm pretty happy with them.  Even more seeing the look on people's faces when they pick their turkey up.  I really hope they cook well!  I may even get a chance to try one of them.

2) Starting to look towards next year but at the same time am enjoying the downtime.  Stewie will be gone sometime next month and then I'll just have the chickens.  I foresee winter vacations in my future since there's not much to take care of (although leaving for some warm destination and leaving someone to deal with critters in the cold may not be fair either).

3) Still waiting to get the word on how much land I'm potentially picking up.  Kind of has me on pins and needles... but at the same time, I think I have plenty of contingency plans in place that there's nothing to do but wait and no sense in worrying.

4) Have a busy week ahead.  FPU Class tomorrow night, refi closing on the farm Wednesday afternoon, Turkey Trot Thursday morning, and a hunt with MVH on Friday.  Looking forward to next weekend when I can sleep in and relax a little.  But honestly, being busy with fun things that I enjoy and/or am looking forward to isn't a bad schedule to keep.  The only thing this week that I'm skipping is tonight's Nourishing Connections meeting.  They're showing the film "Farmaggedon".  I've already seen it and am having a hard time justifying the expense (in time and gas) to go to the meeting tonight, especially considering how busy the rest of the week is looking.

5) And for Thing #5... random recent pictures...

Bought these for me.  Sometimes splurging (within financial reason of course) is a GOOD thing.

Reilly and Phoebe taking it easy on the couch.  Not sure which one is worse... the cat on the pile of blankets or the dog with the pillow under his head.

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