Tuesday, November 15, 2011

5 Things - Indian Summer

Cannot believe it's mid November already.  This weekend was over 60 degrees and it hit 70 this past week!  All I can say is... keep that gorgeous weather coming!! :)

1) Turkey massacre part 1 went well.  I didn't realize or think that the turkeys really should be fasted before butchering and fed them the night before.  So in the end we only ended up doing 3 of them that were getting picked up over the weekend (plus the 2 live birds that left with another customer).  So we have 7 we'll be processing this weekend.  If anyone is interested in helping, just let me know.

From this....

To this...

2) The appraisal came back on the farm and it was an ok appraisal for refinancing... but really not that great for the land purchase.  Conversations and decisions with the seller are going to need to take place.  It's not over yet, but it's not going to be easy either.

3) Stewie cracks me up when he plays with his bucket.  I finally got around to creating a YouTube channel as well as finally getting a video of him playing.  So this is the first of possibly many Serenity Valley Farm videos to come.  Titled "Even Cows Need Toys"

4) Received a call the other day that made me smile.  Seems the potential boarder from the spring passed my name and number along to a friend who is looking for possible boarding for her 9 year old quarter horse who recently underwent a neurectomy (a severing of the digital nerve in cases of Navicular Syndrome).  Not sure it will work out, but it was really nice to be remembered and have the number passed on in a positive manner.

5) I know this is a few days late, but Happy Veteran's Day to all who have or are serving.  One of the ideas for the farm in the future is to put up a flag pole.

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