Friday, November 2, 2012

Walnut Creek Pony Club Horse Trials

Our last event of the season is Sunday at the Walnut Creek Pony Club Horse Trials outside Cincinnati.  Noble will be making his Beginner Novice debut.  Ride times finally came out and I'm major excited.  Because we're not stabling AND because I was told the course wouldn't be available to walk until Sunday, I had envisioned having to get up at 4am to pick Noble up, drive just over an hour to the show grounds, walk my courses and be ready for a butt-crack of dawn dressage ride.  Thankfully that is NOT the case!!

Dressage: 12:03
Stadium: 1:13
XC: 2:13

Plus, the time change is this weekend.  So not only am I getting to "sleep in" til about 7, but I'll have an extra hour of sleep too!

In other news, the girls are doing well.  Ella took Spider this week to a lesson with Rob (hunter trainer) and he was VERY positive and really liked her a lot.  Ella does too.  Last night we split them up -- Spider staying at iTolt and Shirley coming home.  When I last saw Spider, Ella had a pink sheet on her with her bright rainbow colored peace sign decorated sleezy hood on.  It was very cute.  Shirley is doing well too.  The last 2 days she was as iTolt she had to deal with a lot of "new" stuff that pushed her out of her comfort zone, and while we had to take things slow, both Anita and I agree that slow is better.  Shirley did relax in all the situations eventually and I think she's smart enough that she'll retain what she's learned.  She's not exactly happy now as she is home with a small fuzzy midget-boy for company (an icelandic gelding named Logi).

Just a reminder, if you ordered a turkey, they'll be ready for pick up late afternoon/evening on Saturday, November 17th.

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