Thursday, November 8, 2012

Week of Color

Walnut Creek PC horse trials didn't happen for us.  I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and did the wrong thing 2 days before (Friday evening) and was on the receiving end of a major kick.  No one's fault except my own really... which is almost worst.  The kick landed on my left thigh which instantly felt swollen.  Spent Friday night alternating 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off with ice while I relaxed on the couch.  Wasn't all that great the next morning so off to the ER I went.  Xrays showed no bone bruise.  Prescription was made for no weight for 2 days along with pain killers.  That pretty much solidified the notion that I was going to have to withdraw from the event.  Can't exactly gallop and jump without using my left leg.

I have yet to ride.  Hoping to do so this weekend since the weather is going to be fantastic (mid 60s!).  But I'm still having some issues with the leg, mostly down into my knee.  That pain is most likely due to the limping and thus stressing the joint "differently", according to Thom the amazing paramedic.  So it's just going to take some time.  In case you're wondering, the impact spot is amazingly colorful.

If you look closely you can see the "line" running down the middle -- I'm pretty sure that's the seam of my coveralls that I was wearing at the time.

So Anita has been working with the girls.  Spider is still at Jen's and doing fantastic.  Shirley is at home and doing just as well.  Anita's even gotten on Shirley the last 2 days (walk only) at the farm without any incidents or nervousness!  I'm just hoping to be well enough to hop on her at some point really soon!

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