Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Catching Up

First, finally have pictures and results for the Kelly Day (Trail) Race held on October 3rd.  Congrats to our 4 division winners and thanks to all our runners and walkers (and parents) for coming out to the race.  It was a great success (as mentioned in a previous blog post) and holding a trail race is something we definitely want to look at doing at least annually (maybe spring and fall?).  All of the recap information can be found off the Calendar of Events page, but if you want to jump directly -- check out the Event Recap page for final placings and times and the Race Day Pictures page for pictures of the winners, the race and the trail.

The whole family drove over to Columbus to attend the All-American Quarter Horse Congress at the Ohio State Fairgrounds.  It's a great show but we were heading out for the shopping... and drooling as they always have quite a few truck and trailer dealers in the area.  It is of course MUCH less crowded during the week than it is on the 3 weekends that Congress runs.  Managed to do quite well with our shopping list which included several items for the barn.  Came home and laid out the interior fenceline of the upcoming Paddock Paradise.  We're getting quite excited about being able to offer this setup to potential boarders.

Speaking of which, we do have 1 potential boarder but would love to have 1-2 more (so the horses wouldn't be out by themselves).  Horses are of course herd animals and prefer to have company.  If anyone is interested, please see our Boarding page for details or contact us to discuss or schedule a tour of the farm.

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