Tuesday, October 5, 2010

First trail race, tavern updates and impending new arrivals

Sunday we held the Kelly Day Race.  This was a simple trail race on our running trail (just over a mile in length) for the kids and parents of the homeschool group (WILC).  We had 23 runners participate and several other visitors.  A bit chilly but great for running.  Afterwards, the kids entertained themselves running around the farm or playing air hockey, while the adults congregated either in the lounge area or in the bar itself (mostly in the bar as we have a couple kerosene heaters in there).  Hopefully we'll get the pictures downloaded from the camera soon, but it was definitely a success!

With several runners in the family, we hope to make a trail race at least an annual event, and eventually our goal is to be able to host a 5k trail race around the property.  Look for more trail updates as they happen.

Friends stopped by the tavern last week and a suggestion of writing on the bar our favorite, funniest and most poignant quotes from Firefly was mentioned.  We love the idea and have started putting it into place.  So next time you're at the Tavern (chilling or perhaps voting for a name), you'll have some reading material on the bar itself.  It's looking really nice so far.

We have 2 impending arrivals at the farm.  First, sometime next week we expect our day old chicks to arrive!  There will be 26 -- 12 arcanas, 13 rhode island reds and 1 mystery chick (could be of any breed and either sex -- here's hoping it;s a hen or his name will be Broth).

Also this weekend, we learned that we should be the proud owners of a Jersey cow in the near future!  After speaking with a farmer on the topic several times, she has agreed to sell us one of her cows.  Soon there will be no more sleeping in... but the fresh milk will definitely be worth it.  Watch for more details!

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