Friday, October 29, 2010

Life in Pictures

Been fairly neglectful on posting pictures in a timely manner.  I'm just now posting chick pictures and they've changed SO much in the last 2 weeks.  They're now at that ugly duckling stage where they're losing the baby chick fuzz and getting their big bird feathers.  Kind of comical.  But here are some cute fuzzy chick pics...

chicks exploring the hay bedding

at the feeder

Chicks are funny when they fall asleep.  They do that head-bob thing and just CRASH -- face first in the ground if they're laying down... the one standing in this pic is also sleeping.

This is "Waldo" our "free rare exotic chick" that we received with our order.  No clue on breed or sex.

One of our Arcauna chicks.  We've been referring to her as "Hawk" due to her facial markings.  Quite striking really.

Proof that chickens are NOT vegetarian by nature.  If picking at worms and bugs doesn't convince you, here's one of the hens (at one point there were 4 of them huddled around) pecking at a MOUSE!  Not sure if they killed it or found it dead but they were having a good time with it.

Almost done!!!  This is the farm sign that is going out by the road.  A little touch up (where the screws are), some poly for protection and a coat of white on the posts and it will be done!!

And finally... this is Jewel.  A 3yo femal Australian Cattle Dog mix (we're pretty sure with Basenji).  She's currently "on trial" from an Indiana herding dog rescue, but after a week, she's probably staying.  Great running partner, good ratter, and wicked smart.  She's just never allowed in the pen with the rabbits.

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